VMware just released this exciting new subscription model for vSphere and vSAN and i decided to look up some information about it and came across this awesome blogpost from William Lam.

Considerations and Requirements for VCGW

I took this piece of information about the new appliance that the subscription uses and pasted it here, i guess these “restrictions” will change in time when they convert more of their products to this subscription model but for now we have to deal with this:

Before registering your vCenter Server(s), there are a few considerations to be aware of:

  • vCenter Server(s) must be running vCenter Server 7.0 Update 3a or greater and managing ESXi hosts 6.5 or greater
  • vCenter Server(s) must NOT be configured with vCenter HA as this is currently not supported today
    • You will need to disable VCHA before you can register your vCenter Server
  • vCenter Server(s) must NOT be configured with either Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) or Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM) as that is not supported
  • vCenter Server(s) must NOT be configured with an external Platform Services Controller (PSC)
  • vCenter Server(s) must be self-managed and can not be managed by another vCenter Server (e.g. Management vCenter Cluster)
    • This is a requirement for the vCenter Lifecycle Management capability of the cloud service

My first thoughts on this is actually lets see how this evolves and if i come across a use case in the field i will write more about it. Don’t forget there are some links with more information here:


https://unexploredterritory.tech/episodes/ – Look at Episode 20!

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